Dallis Craft: Singer-Songwriter, Keyboardist, and Vocal Coach


"A uniquely turbulent, gutsy singer deeply rooted and intertwined in her fearless and creative keyboard arrangements of classic R&B Standards, Dallis Craft imbues the lusty, gritty vocal overtones of Nashville while maintaining a highly trained and sophisticated Northern California sound in both range and creativity."

- from Singer Sonoma Satchmo 2015  (Owner/Winemaker at The RobertO'Maoilriain Winery Collection and proprietor of Sonoma Speakeasy and American Music Hall)       


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A Tribute to the Music of Carole King and James Taylor:


        Be transported back in time to the singer-songwriter golden age, to the magical time and place of L.A.'s premier club, the Troubadour, responsible for the launch of so many artists' legendary careers. Among them, most notably, James Taylor and Carole King. The band, King James, is an ode to this time. Hear the band weave a musical tapestry and take you on a journey through soundtrack to your life. In the band are: Tommy Rox (James Taylor), Dallis Craft (Carole King), Rita Thies (vocals, flute, and sax), Lance Dresser (drums), Jonathan Bassil (bass and vocals), and featuring Amy Wigton (Joni Mitchell on vocals and guitar). See and hear King James.