Dallis Craft: Singer-Songwriter, Keyboardist, and Vocal Coach


Photos by Melissa Mcrdle

B.A. Sonoma State University - Teaching Credentials for English and Music

Dallis is a working musician, performing with various corporate and wedding bands and orchestras, and she is always in-demand for recording session work for songwriting demos, radio and TV jingles, and backing vocals for fellow recording artists. Using her professional stage experience, Dallis has co-directed musical productions, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and  Once Upon a Mattress, for John Swett High School in Crockett, as well as having lent her hand teaching at Blue Star Music Camp in Marin where she has shared professional performance, songwriting, and  recording skills with future music superstars, bringing her level of expertise in music and performing professionalism to all aspects of her teaching.  

Whether you're a professional whose goal is to become better and more in-demand, a beginner wanting to find  and develop your unique voice, a student aspiring to sing commercial music or musical theatre professionally, or an adult who simply  wants to experience the joy of self-expression that is singing, Dallis Craft's tailor-made holistic approach to voice training will not only  add to your enjoyment of singing, but will also increase your level of skill, satisfaction,  and self-confidence in any personal or professional setting.

                                                       Technique and Performance

proper posture            support and breathing
maximizing range relevant vocal exercises
individual stylisms register blending
safe belting techniques vocal health

Musicianship Basics with Voice and Piano

sight-reading ear training
chart creation songwriting
harmony vocalist/song analysis