San Francisco native, Dallis Craft 's debut CD appropriately titled, Leap Of Faith, is an eclectic blend of Americana stylings, built around 12 great original songs with beautiful arrangements, powerful vocals, and masterful musicianship, in a presentation which makes it stand out as a high-tech yet refreshingly truthful production. Aided and abetted by her fine band, Leap of Faith showcases Dallis' stunning vocals on a variety of rootsy originals, with elements ranging from pop to blues, bluegrass to gospel. The CD features a roster of friends and local luminaries like Jules Broussard, John Lee Sanders, James Pugh (Robert Cray), Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak), Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish), and producer/musician Bruce Kaphan (American Music Club, David Byrne, Jewel). But the real star of Leap of Faith is Dallis' voice. World-class vocalist--world-class music.

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Listen to Dallis sing the latest release from The Ace of Cups!

Put a Woman in Charge

    Look What Thoughts Will Do

From Joe Goldmark's Blue Steel. A remix and master of  "Look What Thoughts Will Do," with fiddles by Richard Chon.

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                                                              Live Performances and Demos:

The Way You Look Tonight (live at Rickey's w/ Tracy Rose Trio 8/10/13- Malcolm Granger on piano)


Jingles (KNBC, Levis, Platex, AutocomPlus, WMUR, Lucky, Apple) plus Background Vocal Sampler

I'll Take Your Time, by Dallis Craft (Nashville version)

Soul Girl Medley

Rock Medley

Swing Medley  

Blessings (duet with John Lee Sanders) arranged and recorded by Scott Fuller

Potterton and Craft

Piano, guitar, vocal duo: Dallis Craft and Gary Potterton  

Classic Americanna